Ideas for Screen Free Family Time

Ideas for Screen Free Family Time

DateNovember 28, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

It’s a technology-driven world and your kids are submerged in it. Okay, let’s be honest, we all are. When we have a screen in front of our face, we are not engaging on a personal level with the people right next to us. Which is why screen free family time on a regular basis is a must. So how do you get everyone excited and involved without the glow of blue light? Consider creating an outdoor space that takes you away from your everyday woes and gives your family the opportunity to laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Ideas for Screen Free Family Time


For starters, consider a swimming pool. Aurora Pools in Knoxville has above ground, on ground and in ground pool options available, each with its own benefits depending on your budget and the landscape of your yard. Add accessories like a diving board, fit pits or even an outdoor kitchen to make an entire evening together.


Of course, pools are pretty seasonal. A hot tub from Aurora Pools is something your family can enjoy all year round, avoiding the it’s-too-cold-to-do-anything trap, which inevitably leads to burying our faces and electronics. Spas are the quintessential feel-good additive to the backyard motif, great for family time as well as relaxing connection with your significant other after the kids go to bed or following a long day at work.


Looking for something new for all of you? Why not get a billiard table. Then you can all learn how to play pool together and even have family tournaments. And hey, tie in those electronics by learning how to play through YouTube videos; that might even get your kids more engaged. What a great thing to add to holiday festivities with the extended family, too! Light up the fire pit, enjoy some hot tub time and organize a pool tournament to keep everyone off their phones and tablets and engaged in building stronger relationships together.

Thankfully, Aurora Pools has everything you need to make that happen.