Spa shopping? Don't buy until you read this. - Aurora Pools

Spa shopping? Don’t buy until you read this.

DateNovember 20, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

So you’re spa shopping? Great! There are so many benefits to hot tub ownership, from relaxation and health to quality time with your family, we’re sure you’re eager to begin. But before you get started, take the time to consider these four things to help your shopping experience go as smoothly as possible.


How many people do you want your hot tub to hold? If you can honestly say that you are the only person in your home who will ever need to use your hot tub, then a smaller model like the Dover may be perfect for you. But if your family will use the hot tub together or you plan to invite friends over, you’ll want something larger like the Big Easy or the Paradise Bay.


Are you hot tub shopping specifically for therapeutic purposes? The healing powers of soothing hot water are well documented, and often recommended by physicians and therapists. Hot tubs can help you recover from an injury or illness, help you sleep at night, and more. As you’re shopping for a hot tub, share your therapeutic needs with us, and we can help you select the model with seating and jet configurations that will work best for you.


Now that you know the size of hot tub you’d like, you need to make sure you have a good location for it. Obviously, the spot you choose must be large enough to accommodate the spa. You also need access to electrical, and, ideally, some measure of privacy. Your hot tub will need to sit on a solid foundation – a reinforced concrete pad at least 4” thick, or a deck that can support 100 pounds per square foot. You’ll also need to make sure you’re adhering to the appropriate codes when your hot tub is installed.


We know your budget is important to you – and it’s important to us, too. We’ll work with you to find a spa that fits your needs, and your budget. As you’re considering your budget, be sure you think not just about the cost of the spa, but about the monthly operating expenses. Hot tub ownership includes purchasing the chemicals you need to keep the water clean and healthy, and the energy you need to run the pump and heater.

Now you’re ready to start shopping!