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Swim Spas: What Size Do I Need? | Aurora Pools

DateJune 20, 2020

by Aurora Pool, Spa & Billiard Gallery

As you research swim spas and which features would be best for your family, you want to make sure you choose a model that’s large enough for all of you to fit in! Also consider how you want to use your spa. Do you want continuous swimming or room to exercise? Are you primarily looking for a space to relax? Do you want to play with the kids in it? Or, is it all of the above? The best way to prevent over-buying (or even under-buying) is to have firm expectations about how you plan to use your spa.

Small Swim Spas: 10-11 Feet

Swim spas in this range are the smallest available, but they still pack a lot of exercise capacity in a small space. Some swim spas in this size range don’t pack enough power or space for the user to swim, but other options like the Therapool “D” make it possible even in this size range. Spas within this size range are a great option for aquatic therapy with up to 50 jets and impressive water features. These swim spas are perfect for people who don’t have a ton of space, but still want the benefits of a swim spa. It might not be large enough for a family game of water volleyball, but you’ll enjoy the powerful jets, the resistance during exercise, and the relaxing massage.

Medium Swim Spas: 12-16 Feet 

This range of swim spas are often called “fitness models” or even “trainers” because of the resistance they provide during your workout. Swim spas this size and up are large enough to provide a current, which is ideal if you’re looking for a model that allows continuous swimming. Ask about optional equipment like an underwater treadmill or a rowing machine. Spas of this size are most popular among people who are looking to combine fitness with family fun. You’ll enjoy hydrotherapy jets, so you can enjoy the aquatic therapy benefits of the swim spa, but there’s also enough room for several family members or friends to climb in with you. Upgrades like fountains, waterproof sound systems, and specialized lighting are available, which means your spa can be just as much for parties as it is for fitness.

Large Swim Spas: 17-18 Feet

Even the longest arms and legs can swim comfortably in swim spas that are this size. This is the range where there are different options for water flow, including propellers, which makes the current more consistent and smooth. These models make it feel like you’re swimming in a real pool because the jets aren’t active when you’re swimming and the type of water flow feels more realistic. Plus, depending on the model that you choose, the water flow options can make these models up to 70% more energy efficient. Additional upgrades mean you can also use this swim spa for gatherings and parties. Sound system, Wi-Fi, and even a built-in underwater camera are features you can ask about, if you’re interested.

Extra Large Swim Spas: 19-21 Feet

Our extra large swim spas are sometimes called “dual temperature” or “Olympic” models. These swim spas provide the longest length of all the swim spas, and they also usually have a dedicated hot tub or hydrotherapy pool that is separate from the area where you swim. Manufacturers call the swimming area the pool, and they often refer to the hot tub as the spa. Everything you need for exercise and swimming is possible on these extra large swim spas. If you can imagine it, it’s probably already an option. From body massage functions to deluxe LED lighting and even tiling that delineates a lane for swimming… these are standard on most swim spas of this size. The spa might include up to 60 hydrotherapy jets, enough seats for six people, and even sound systems and/or waterfalls.

If you think a swim spa might be right for your family, stop by our showroom or give us a call today!